Month: February 2019

How well do you know the budget management?

Management and correct finance management for companies are indispensable. The fact that large corporations are much more careful on budget management in terms of money circulation is directly related to their level of specialization. In order that financial statements should not break down and financial crises should not happen, it is valuable for person/persons who are going to undertake the budget management to receive and apply required educational discipline and to test themselves with budget management simulations, in terms of determining their deficiencies.

Are you ready for budget management?

In this context, we prepared the best budget management simulation for our participators. You can purchase the simulation package to manage the budget of a business which operates in a sector where the rate of competition is high. The objective of this simulation which has been designed as a dynamic structure is to use the resources efficiently in accordance with the budget planning and to improve solution creation skills against deviations which occur in case of any crises.

Cash > Profit

Free cash flow (FCF) which is the latest invention of finance engineering has been forging ahead towards being a significant indicator in corporate companies. In short; free cash flow states the difference between your cash inflow that you obtain as a result of your operational activities and your cash outflow that you bear due to your investments. If difference is positive, we can say that you are managing your company correctly and you are earning real money rather than just profit. Another reason that the free cash flow is important is that it allows a company to search for opportunities which will increase its shareholder value. Primary objectives of companies are to grow and to make profit, however, cash flow management is important, as well. At this point, the key is to establish a balanced growth strategy in the name of sustainability.