About Us

Digital Education and Management Platform

FinCloud started its operations in 2016, founded by two experienced executives, one of whom originated in finance and the other in software. The aim of the organization is to design business simulation games by combining education with technology and to present this to the whole business world, primarily to educational institutions, FinCloud has added Strategic Management and Financial Management Consultancy and Training to its main field of activity in 2019. FinCloud continues its path with a business philosophy that continuously develops itself, follows the innovations in the world, observes the needs of institutions and individuals and provides smart solutions with optimum cost.

Innovative approach in education

Infinite Balance believes that in a period of increasing competition between countries, societies that are made of well-informed people will remain strong. However, in a period where accessing and reaching to information is very simplified, the second important issue is the processing and correct use of the information. The skills of interpreting, processing and evaluating information of individuals or institutions throughout strategic decision-making processes became the main determinant factor.

Therefore, Infinite Balance works towards the proliferation of a pragmatic education tool which teaches how to process and use the information in order to create the competitive human resource, unlike classical methods of learning that consist of accessing to information. For now, Infinite Balance building its R&D activities on the financial field will continue to be the subject of steps that have been taken to meet the need for competent human resources in all fields with the simulation applications which will be developed for different sectors in the field of education.