Management Consultation

International-capital companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) or large-scale companies; we offer all the knowledge at our disposal in order that you can be an organization which makes a profit within the framework of corporate management principles. Our objective is to move your company forward by working together, to strengthen your position in the market, to make more profit by making more sales and to make you a respectable company in the market for sustainability.

Some headlines from our works that we carry out to reach to these objectives:

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Carrying out competence analyses for senior staff
  • Creating a corporate culture
  • Change Management
  • Installing Internal Control and Risk Management system
  • Installing Budget and Control system and eliminating deficiencies if there is any
  • Developing growth strategies
  • Designating the Strategic Management roadmap including all departments
  • Reviewing business processes, creating new processes blended with technology
  • Modernization of infrastructures of Technology and Information Systems with optimum cost
  • Creation of key performance indicators (Balanced Score Card) based on department and company that are suitable to your company
  • Managing relations with all stakeholders
  • Establishing project management process and project management
  • Struggle with intracompany fraud and theft

Financial Management Consultation

Most companies ignore the holistic approach of Financial Management with sales or profit-oriented management. It may be possible to achieve company goals and ensure sustainable growth with financial-based decision-making. Most of the time, the company loses blood due to incorrect or incomplete performance indicators, but they go unnoticed due to intensive work pressure. We propose the optimum solutions by reviewing the financial works structures through an expert finance manager perspective at international standards.

Financial Management Headlines as follows:

  • Establishing basic financial reporting systems and eliminating deficiencies if there is any
  • Establishing key performance indicators for financial affairs (BSC)
  • Financial (Treasury) Management
  • Business Capital Management
  • Establishing Budget and Control Systems
  • Establishing UFRS Reporting Systems
  • Project-based profitability analyses
  • Creating special reports such as cash flow and cash forecast
  • Arranging relations with the financial market

Selection and Placement

Corporations, finance departments usually employ their employees through online job postings or consulting firms. But financial affairs are a unit that is too sensitive and important to be entrusted to someone who is not competent. In most of the companies, there is no expert finance manager and even in the companies with a financial manager, they are so busy that they cannot spare the required amount of time to this important matter. In consulting firms, these services are usually provided by recruiting experts who are far from the subject of financial affairs. However, along with the fact that the cost of employing the wrong person is very high for the company, the frequent changes in the finance-accounting department which contains sensitive information and documents constitute a separate risk.

Combining technology and financial management expertise in the selection and placement process, FinCloud provides the best spot-on service with business simulations through the expert and experienced financial affairs managers who worked as a financial management expert. Moreover, after recruiting, the newly-recruited finance expert or manager is monitored and supported for the first 6 months so that they can adapt to the organization and perform as expected.