Digital Management

Microsoft Licensing Services

There are many contract options for licensing Microsoft cloud services and on-premises software. Out of these options, we determine the most appropriate and advantageous one for you.

The Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) offers you conveniences such as licensing cloud services and managing them with value-added services.

If you would like to subscribe directly and seamlessly to cloud services over the web, we can provide you support with the Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement (MOSA) option.

If you have 250 or more users/devices, we’re evaluating options of licensing Microsoft in-house software, cloud services, or both of them appropriately as registered or unregistered with multiple-year subscription options for you.

Azure Cloud Solutions

With Microsoft Azure, we offer cloud solutions to your gradually increasing information processing needs such as storage, security and network and to database and application demands which come from your users. Bring all of your infrastructure to Microsoft’s secure cloud environment and thanks to its service-oriented service structure, pay as much as you use and start saving immediately.

More resources, less cost

With Azure solutions we offer with our consulting and management services:

  • Easily scale your resources
  • Pay as you use
  • Protect your data
  • Access from anywhere

Project Consultation

On this page, apart from the subjects that we state under other titles, you can benefit from our wide range of consultancy services for all your projects under the title of information. Especially the changes you make in your business processes with digital transformation projects will have great effects in your organization, either positive or negative.

We advise you not to set out without taking consultation services for these projects with our expert and experienced team and our strong business partners. We support you in the process of selecting, evaluating, planning, executing and keeping alive the projects that are suitable for you and your goals and which are the most appropriate and profitable for you.

You can apply to our consultation for all of your projects such as software/technology selection, enterprise software projects, industrial applications for your manufacturing and logistics processes, digital transformation projects, IT infrastructure projects, ISO27001 information security management system, outsourcing, selection and deployment services, network projects, contract management and investment planning.

Integration Projects

Nowadays, there are almost no systems that are self-enclosed and working within itself. Even critical applications need to communicate with different systems, and internal and external factors make it compulsory.

Legal obligations such as e-invoice, e-ledger; Data transfers between customer demands such as EDI and CRM and even data transfers between independent applications of in-house departments reveal the need for institutions to integrate their own systems with internal and external systems.

As FinCloud, we manage your integration projects end-to-end. We create integrated systems by playing an active role in analysis, development, testing, commissioning and maintenance processes. You can also contact us to create an integration between Infinite Balance and your enterprise LMS software.

ERP Consultation

Unlike the conventional ERP consultation services, we accompany you not only in your ERP selection process, but also in the process of implementing the ERP application you invest in your organization. We examine the financial, administrative and organizational structure of your organization and we help you get a high level of efficiency from your ERP software with a special roadmap. After the analyses, we add added value to your organization with projects such as the development of additional software to your ERP system or integration with different systems.

Buying an ERP system is the first step you take for your corporate transformation and it is much more important to model your existing business processes upon this ERP system correctly. Subjects such as end-user training, maintenance, support, reporting, development and integration are living projects which will always be on your agenda along with your ERP system.

We offer an ERP consultation of which result can be seen in a short time thanks to our expert and experienced team and our strong business partners.


The LMS (Learning Management System) is a management tool, as it is understood from its name, and it is an integrated and digital system that allows the management of educational contents, monitoring of learners and teachers, and the individualization of learning teaching processes.

In addition, learning management systems can be defined as software that provides different options for learning and manages these experiences, systems that enable the management of learning and learning processes, digital platforms that govern accessing, sharing and communication processes of information for teaching purposes.

The LMS software is not a website which is solely responsible for the publication of educational content. This system is also responsible for the management of educational/teaching activities. In short, it is the system that provides all kinds of services necessary to provide training in a virtual environment.

We design web softwares so that you can carry out your distance education activities by creating a system with compatible components. We make it possible to keep track of basic information about the learners by including individuals who will participate in educational activities to the system.