Finance Education

We add value to the educational world by designing standard and customized training programs for both institutions and individuals, whether in theory or in practice with Infinite Balance business simulation games, accompanied by our expert trainers in their field. Certificate of achievement are given to the participants who receive our training.

Some of our finance trainings;

  • Basic finance training for non-financiers
  • Applied Finance Education
  • Financial statements and easy reading techniques
  • Financial Analysis and Ratios
  • Working Capital Management
  • Cash flow and Cash Forecast reports
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Budget Management, Financial Control and reporting
  • Corporate Treasury Management
  • Relationship Management with banks and credit institutions
  • Playmaking Techniques in Education

LMS (Learning Management System)

The LMS, Learning Management System, is a management tool, as it is understood from its name, and it is an integrated and digital system that allows the management of educational contents, monitoring of learners and teachers, and the individualization of learning teaching processes.

In addition, learning management systems can be defined as software that provides different options for learning and manages these experiences, systems that enable the management of learning and learning processes, digital platforms that govern accessing, sharing and communication processes of information for teaching purposes.

The LMS software is not a website which is solely responsible for the publication of educational content. This system is also responsible for the management of educational/teaching activities. In short, it is the system that provides all kinds of services necessary to provide training in a virtual environment.

At FinCloud, we develop web software designed specifically for you to carry out your distance education activities by creating a system with compatible components. In this way, it is ensured that the basic information about the learners is monitored by including the individuals who will participate in educational activities in the system, as well as contributing to the development of institutionalism.